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 June 25, 2019

This cover of Johnny Thunders’ “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory” for Parts Unknown Lower East Side was, as it happened, Tony’s final music request for the show. A requiem to fallen comrades of the Lower East Side, and for the LES as the proving ground it once was. Goodbye to all that. Hit the nail in the coffin on the fucking head, once more, with feeling, without getting all nostalgic about it. Right. Bang this one out, figure out what the fuck to do for the Blondie segment, keep moving. As things stood, last June 7th.

Ariane Bourdain sang the choruses. From 3000 miles away, with almost no advance notice, on an impossible time constraint, and only an iPhone to record with. That this did not thwart her is not surprising. The ending here owes to a note from Mike Steed (LES episode director), who knows chaos is cleansing and why, plus a subsequent note from editor Tom Patterson advising more prolonged total destruction. Avec plaisir. Didn’t know what they had in mind, nor did it matter. From a recording standpoint, I mean. Recording standpoint being: a-sway in the backyard con cigarillo looking at a raccoon looking at me, all things great and small going what the fuck.

Additional backing vocals/stylings here by @HelenCho and Josh Ferrell (@sugahjay). Because, as any properly socialized rock musician can tell you, there’s something to this "scream therapy". Got a special room for it right here, sometimes called a vocal booth. Not by me.